"...Their work is perfection, but at the same time displays such a full, deep seriousness in the art. Such tone, such phrasing, all played with the highest virtuosity and reverence to the music!"

— Sofia Gubaidulina


The Philadelphia Inquirer
"...The women of the Moscow String Quartet play as if they had all the time in the world: Their music pours forth with such focus. It moves patiently ... And the devotees were rewarded by an ensemble of uncommon musicality."

"...Their playing makes its points through graceful phrasing, sonic beauty and some rhythmic wit. Borodin was their natural home. The songful writing, the sonorities, the joyous lyricism were reflected in their every phrase."

"...The members of the quartet used wide dynamic contrast, masterly articulation, and clearly defined phrasing to rich an emotionally engaging performance."

"...Their playing found the beauty and glow of the writing. Their playing is smooth, finely tuned and based on inward subtleties."

"...A regular in the Chamber Music series, the Moscow Quartet, all women, plays with distinctive personality and color and an earnestness and freedom that give the performances a feeling of idiomatic truthfulness.

American Record Guide
"...The Lyric Chamber Music Series ...presenting the Moscow String Quartet in two back-to-back concerts of works by Sofia Gubaidulina, with the composer present to discuss – through an interpreter – her life and music. Vintage Gubaidulina, you could safely say, and vigorously expounded by the Moscow players, who have lived with these works many years."

"...The Moscow's reading of Shostakovich's String Quartet 3 is a triumph. The group plays with lithe athleticism and wry wit, digging into the composer’s architecture and Slavic touchstones with idiomatic power."

The Dallas Morning News
"...The Moscow, which presented an all-Russian program at Southern Methodist University’s Caruth Auditorium, proved a pleasant surprise. This was deft, elegant playing, passionate where called for, but never hysterical. It was a welcome reprieve from the turbocharged assaults of so many American quartets – and of more and more Europeans who imitate them."

The Denver Post
"...they are players of the highest caliber, intonation, strength, ensemble, dynamics, tonal sheen- the ladies from Moscow possess all the things a world- class string quartet should have."

Jackson Hole Guide
"...And the fact of their appearance at Festival Hall was overshadowed by the elegance, precision, power, and musicality of their playing. My memory, which is long, cannot recall a more satisfying Mozart quartet, and I look forward to all the music-making this group can give us."

Northern Echo, England
"...These four ladies make up a superb quartet. Quite often in string quartets the parts are better than the whole. Here there was a tangible glow of empathy, which engendered a supreme ensemble."

La Nouvelle Gazette, Belgium
"...The perfection of the beautiful sonorities in solemn as well as in exciting passages, the musicality, and the expressive intensity of these four exceptional artists rendered marvelously well all the facets of this rich composition. With imperious discipline, they gave the first movement (Beethoven's “Serioso” Op. 95) an atmosphere of profound and gripping spontaneity. What fiery musicality during the impulsiveness of the second Allegro, what vibrant vitality in the beautiful and energetic theme of the third Allegro!"

Review Belgique, Belgium
"...What a pleasure to hear musicians such as these giving themselves totally, freely, without false modesty or bad taste to the passion of a powerful composer such as Tchaikovsky (Quartet No. 1)."

Volkskrant, Holland
"...The four "stringsters" achieve without apparent exertion a full, classical ensemble sound which stands like a house. Also their interpretation, at first whirling, then heartfelt of tone, are clearly derived from the Conservatory of Russian string quartet art, although the heartbeat is justifiably rather Viennese then Slavic."

Algemeen Dagblad, Holland
"...Tchaikovsky was made very attractive by the four ladies. In this third quartet the four showed themselves a perfect team. How compelling and beautiful the four movements were, not only because one could feel the constant passion, but especially because of the well-considered approach with which a musical phrase or a simple motif was formed. For this the Moscow Quartet used all gradations between musical joy and serious drama."

"...Already during the performance of Shostakovich’s string quartet, the Moscow String Quartet used all the pastels of the color spectrum with almost unlikely perfection."